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GEE Consultants, Inc. (Dallas, TX)

GEE Consultants seeks a Project Engineers to implement standard procedures & technical requirements to complete geotechnical, environmental or construction material testing projects, perform subsurface exploration, routine & complex field/laboratory investigations, data analysis and prepare geotechnical & environmental reports. Requires a Master’s in Civil Engineering with 1 year of relevant experience. Mail resumes to HR, 10046 Monroe Dr. Dallas, TX 75229.

We offer the professional approach to            

Geotechnical Engineering

Environmental Consulting

Construction Materials Testing

Forensic Investigation


Over the past thirty (30) years GEE Consultants, Inc. has provided necessary observation and testing of construction materials and procedures as well as geotechnical engineering environmental consulting and expert/ forensic investigation services for approximately 4,500 different projects. Over the years we have grown to specialize in providing these services for numerous municipalities, school districts, commercial and private entities.